Family Portrait


This is a recent family portrait I did in the studio.  While I generally prefer to shoot portraits outside of the studio (except for head shots), this was a bit more challenging because of the number of individual.  I had two front lights roughly set equality at f11 and I had two back light that were not pointed toward the backdrop but up against the white ceiling tiles (metered to be the same at about f8 or so).  This strategy allowed for a very broad and soft light from above that also added a bit of light to the background yield nice separation from the background. 

With groups of this size in the studio, I like to put my camera on a tripod with a release cable.  The reason is it is much easier for me to see everyone's face/expressions this way rather than thru a view finder.  It also slows my shooting down and forces me to focus more on composition.  

Camera: Nikon D700 with 24-70mm f 2.8, set at ISO 200, 1/125, f8 at 50mm.   Lighting was with Calumet Travelites.

First Post

This is my first blog post on my new website.  Since it will no longer be possible to host my website on MobileMe and it appears that iWeb will die a slow death, I have been working on finding a new web design program and a new hosting site.  After trying several of web programs (Rapidweaver, Freeway Pro), I have settled on Sandvox.  At least to me, it does not appear to be as flexible as iWeb, but it is much easier to work with than Rapidweaver or Freeway Pro.  One must remember that I am a photographer (well a bit more than that) and all I really want to do is get my story out and not spend hours and hours in designing a website.  

Once things are a bit more mature, I will publish more details as to how I build my new site.   Also, if you see features and characteristics that you like or dislike, let me know

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