About Me

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I have been involved in photography for over a decade and it is my passion.  I particularly love taking pictures of people and special events like engagements and weddings.  I truly enjoy being able to capture an image that communicates something about the person, their character and personality; or something meaningful about an event or series of events; or wonderfully rich complexities of relationships, emotions, attachments and the passion we have for the people in our lives.  Whenever I work, I like to believe that at some point in the future, the subject, family member or friend will look at a picture I took and it will provoke strong memories and feelings.  

To make my goal possible and to achieve the best possible pictures for my clients, I tailor photography sessions to the specific needs of the client and collaborate with them to achieve their goals.  It may require several conversations to plan a particular session. 

I have a small studio in Elmhurst, Illinois and I love to shoot at different locations around the Chicago area.  For me, location pictures are most interesting because the environmental content of a picture tells more about the subject.  It is also more artistically challenging as photographer to work with the available light. 

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