A very large print using my D800

I have been working on a project for a local business to generate several large images or signs for them.  Two of the spaces were 45 inches by 75 inches and located along the back wall about 30-40 feet from the counter.  The pictures were themed to include the business owner's grandchildren with their dogs.

Because of the distance from the counter, I decided early on that I would need two very large prints (45x75) so they would be visible from the store front.  I gathered about 600 images over two different session to provide for a diverse set of pictures to work with on the project.  These were taken with my D800 using my 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for the most part.  

The client reviewed the picture set and selected their preference of pictures.  From those preferences layout of the final pictures were done, reviewed and adjusting according to the clients interest.  Once the design was finalized, the files were upsized with Perfect Resize 7.5 from onOne Software and then printed to 3mm compressed PVC material (Sintra/Kommedex) by Tree Towns/GM Mounting and Laminating of Elmhurst.  The compressed PVC material was choosen as the print media because it will be impervious to the relatively high humidity present in the business and is very light so direct mounting to the wall was possible.

Below I show the two final images that were printed.  While it is not possible on the web to demonstrate/prove this point, the sharpness and quality of the prints was absolutely spectacular and the client was very pleased with the outcome.  

1210210026 - Version 2

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