Stone Lake

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Middlebury and Shipshewana, Indiana

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A few years ago and after several requests for prints, I started to think about developing an online gallery of my photographs from the Stone Lake community so that people could purchase and enjoy original photographic and canvas prints.  Today, August 2017, I am announcing the opening of my online Stone Lake gallery.  Bookmark this page as over time I will be adding new pictures.

Currently there are four major sections in the gallery: 2013 July 4th Celebration, 2014 July 4th Celebration, Stone Lake Homes, General, and a New Pictures Section.  Pictures in the Stone Lake Homes gallery are from another fund raising project in 2013 and include ‘all’ of the Stone Lake Homes, as viewed from the lake.  Individual homes may be found by road, in the complete set or in some cases by pier number. 

Ordering information:

You should be aware of several important things:

1. The size and aspect ratio (4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and etc) of prints is pre-established to the most suitable for a particular picture.  

2. After you decide on a size of print, there are a few additional options to be decided, such as framing and mounting.  You will find these options after you place the print in your cart.   

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Hardmounting Option:  Hard mounting places the picture on a firm backing and enhances the life time of the picture.  It is also very important for larger prints as they will slowly wrinkle over time if they are not hard mounted.  I recommend hard mounting larger prints.  Hard mounting can be single weight backboard, double weight backboard or foam core.  Foam core is the most sturdy and reserved for the largest prints.  Hard mounted pictures are ready for framing of your choice.

Framing: A limited set of attractive frames are offered.

Mat: Basic white and black mats are offered

Glass options include clear and non-glare choices.

Lastly instead of photographic prints you can choose canvas prints that are stretched on a wooden frame.  Canvas prints provide for an heirloom feel to the picture.

3. Finally very large or special prints are available, but will need to be custom ordered.  To provide perspective, many of these pictures could be printed as large as 40x60 or 40x120 inches depending on the aspect ratio.  Please send an email inquiry.

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