Family Portrait Sessions-Part 1

During family portrait sessions, I like to provide a collection of pictures that span the range from classic kinds of family portraits to something unique and different.  Many times the unique and different adds a lot of character to the set of pictures the client receives.  


This is a classically posed family portrait.  There is a clustering together, a nice triangular positioning of faces and convergence lines in the path/bushes behind them.  


This is a non-classical kind of family portrait and it clearly provides for a different feel to the picture above.  I like it because the people in the picture are free to express their individuality and my eye needs to study the picture to appreciate it.  It is imperfect and that makes it interesting.


This image is more of a classical kind of portrait, but with a fun twist of a bit of old fashion black and white.  

I find that my most successful sessions have the following features:

1. The client(s) is relaxed and wanting to enjoy the photography session experience.

2. The client(s) are willing to participate in the creative process and make their interests and desires clear. 

3. The session develops into a spontaneous interaction between myself and the client(s).

4. Good weather and lighting also helps!

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