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Groom's wedding party

When I am shooting a wedding, I always like to have at least two photographers shooting.   I also like to try to do something a little bit different than the usual images, although timing and environment sometimes dictates what you can do.  The two pictures below were taken nearly simultaneously, but from slightly different perspectives and I believe this greatly enhances the quality of the final set of pictures that the client receives.  One of these I took while the other was taken by Lauren Lukacek of L Squared Photography.  I have commented on the value of having two photographers before on my blog here.


Family Portraits

When I do family portraits, I like to provide the client with images that are classical as well as non-classical kinds of images.  This makes the session a lot more interesting and provides the client with a rich picture resource.  I am also now providing a stylist for sessions if clients are interested in developing unique kinds of pictures.  This process encourages the client to provide input into the planning of the session. 

The pictures below are examples of this diversity.  


While this picture does not stray very far from the classical family portrait, it does not offer the sense of being clustered together, soldiers in line typical portrait.  I like the image (minimal post processing) for several reasons.  First, there is a strong three dimensionality to it with the daughters in the foreground, the parents behind but higher in the image, a bit out of focus suggesting a quiet very important role and then further back the warm autumn colors.  In addition, the railing at each side brings to the image strong convergent lines, drawing your eye into the picture.  Lastly, the expressions on the primary subjects strongly represent their individual personalities: one a bit shy and contemplative and the other spontaneous and a bit mischievous.


This image deviates more from the classical family portrait, but it is still a portrait.  I like the image because it captures the strong sense of spontaneity in the family, both parents are looking into the picture and at the main characters (the daughters)  that are along the left 1/3 line.  This image also has a bit of three dimensionality to it with the rails running back and converging.

If you want to see a few more images from this session go to my family portrait gallery


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