Recent Favorites

Dramatic and bold

When I do portrait sessions, I like to provide my client a spectrum of images.  I will add a few more images to this particular blog over the next few weeks, but the picture below is one of my favorites.  When ever I look at it, I think the caption should be 'Think Boldly' or 'Know your stuff' or 'Take no prisoners'  

The picture was taken with just three lights (Einstein 640 controlled with PocketWizard MC2 and MiniTT1/AC3 combination for the main light and the background light plus an SB800 on a FlexTT5 for the hair light).  I shot tethered in the studio into my MacBook Pro. One light was directly behind the subject, flagged so none of the light touched directly, pointed directly to the background and the main light far to the left and up a bit, just enough to provide some light on the client's left cheek, but a very dominant hemi-portrait.  I also had him look straight into the lens and had him have a relaxed but serious look.  He did a wonderful job.


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