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Engagement shoot in Chicago

I like doing engagement shoots for a couple of reasons.  First, the couple is generally pretty relaxed and it is an opportunity for them to learn what it is like to work with me and visa versa.  Below is one picture from a late March session and I wanted to capture a strong feeling of an urban (Chicago) setting.  I thought the L might make an interest background, although as you can see, it is also very crowded.  Personally, I like people around.  The subject is in a very bright yellow dress and is greeting her fiancé.  They stand out nicely among the crowd.


You can see some of the other pictures from this session in my galleries here.  There is a mixture of up close pictures and more wide angle pictures.  This mixture is achieved by working with a second photographer, Mark Meravy, and in the end, the client gets a very rich set of pictures to preserve their memories for many future generations.

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