Recent Favorites

The kiss and more


This is another one of my recent favorites.  First, it captures the warm and love between the bride and the groom and also a lot about their story.  The M&M jars on the left and right were part of the table decorations.  The grey and white one had their names and champagne classes on them.  The bouquet of flower was an excellent representation of the all the wonderful flowers at the wedding and reception.  And then the bottle of champaign and classes with their names on them.  For me it brings together so many different aspects of this couples wedding, all into one picture.  

The other interesting aspect is the lighting through the window is not blown out, but looks quite natural.  This requires the photographer to take time to balance the outside light with the inside light so it appears more like what the human eye will see.  The kiss was spontaneous.  But the camera settings where planned long before the kiss actually took place.  

Model Session

When I work with my clients, I try to provide for variety in the type and character of the pictures.  I think of it as providing the client with a digital resource that they can tap into depending on their changing needs over time.  It is not always possible to achieve lots of diversity, but it is always a goal.  This first picture was taken in the studio, 


while the second picture was taken outside just last week.  Chilly, but she had a coat and we worked quickly.  Most of the lighting in the second picture was natural sunlight coming through a tree, but it created some harshness across her face so I add some strobe to picture left (her right side) to soften the shadowing some.  To generate a sense of stature, she was standing on top of a 4-5 foot tall wagon at 200mm to avoid the feeling of shooting upward so much.


These are just two of many great images that are very different in feeling.   It was a fun session.  The client was the mother and sister of the subject as they purchased a model session for her 16th birthday.  

Cute Babies

Here is one of my recent favorites from a studio shoot.  It is really hard not to like pictures of cute babies.  I show a colored and B&W version of the picture in part to emphasize the very different impression or evoked feelings between them.  Getting good pictures of babies requires patience, time and getting down to their level.  


While I provided my client with the digital files, I hope that they will do a print of this picture.  In my mind the print has a much better chance of surviving long enough so a grandchild or great grandchild of the subject can see what their ancestor looked like when they were a baby.  

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