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My Favorites from 2012

2012 was a very busy and exciting year.  While there was new technology, such as the Nikon 800 at 36MP, faster and better computers, thunderbolt drives with impressive speeds, I think the thing that will stand out for me are the wonderful people that I had the opportunity and privilege to photograph.  This year I took over 40,000 pictures so if you don't see your picture here, please don't be disappointed.  I had originally planned to have only 10 pictures and I may still get down to that, but at this point it is 32 pictures.  There are many reasons why I may have included a particular picture.  It might have been 

     the expression on the faces or what the picture shows,

     it was strong in highlighting relationships,

     it had great color or composition or,

     I might have just really liked it without a particular reason (my prerogative)

Below are the pictures and you can view  the full collection as a slideshow.  Or you can click on the picture to link to a larger version of the picture and the remaining slideshow.


I like this picture for the very strong interaction between the mother and the child.  Both have very true and wonderful smiles on their face it is clear that they are having a fun time together.  The motion in her hair tells us that she is in motion and the child is laughing and enjoying this motion.  


I like this picture because of a couple of things.  First there is a strong engagement between the subjects and because with the building in the background we know it is an urban setting and there are flowers and trees in the foreground, sort of matching the flower in her hair.  Did she pluck it from the tree and put it her hair to woo him?


I like this picture because of its simplicity and the subject has a wonderful pensive look and gorgeous eyes and expression.  I would ask; "How could you not love this picture?"


This was a picture taken in a theater with red curtains.  I back lite the curtains and had a single light to the right of the image lighting the subject.  The strong face, the firm positioning of the hands and the black and white treatment make this a perfect author book cover picture of an authoer.  Throughtful and strong come to mind as I look at this picture.


This is a studio portrait with a clean simple background.  I like this picture because of its simplicity, the wonderful and easy smile of the subject and the lighting (although the client has a great face to light) with clean catch-lights and gentle short lighting.  


This is a picture from an engagement session.  The reason I have included this as one of my favorites is the wonderful interaction between the couple with her eyes fixed on her future husband and the dimensionality and reflection of the cityscape off of the Chicago Bean.  


Another wonderful bride.  Her face, attitude,  outfit and location (Wilder Mansion in Elmhurst) seemed to fit a 1950 sort of scene.  It was for this feeling that I converted the image to black & white.  In addition I wanted to capture two things: her strength (with her arms holding the doors open) and her femininitiy with her legs crossing to form a soft balance point.  I also like this picture because of her wonderful gentle smile.


I like this picture because it is all natural light and the subject has a relaxed pensive expression on her face that fits well with her leaning against the wall.  She seems total absorbed in some distance activity that pleases her.

I will add more pictures to this page over time with comments, but please visit the slideshow to see all of my favorite pictures.  

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