A couple of recent favorites

The best camera in the world is the one you have with you when you want to take a picture.  

In this posting I will show a couple of pictures that are my recent favorites.  The first is three brothers who got together for a lunch at a local restaurant. They don’t get together very often so this was a unique opportunity to get a nice picture of them.  


The lighting was terrible, but fortunately I happened to have my D800/24-70 f 2.8 lens with a SB900 strobe with me.  I set my camera to about 1/2 stop below ideal exposure at an ISO of 1600, f3.5, 1/100 seconds and bounced my strobe at 0EV over my left shoulder using TTL.   The picture was processed through Aperture, Photoshop C6 and Perfect Photo Suite 8.

I like this picture for many reasons, but the two most important is the image quality is very clear and there is a lot of story telling in the picture.  The emblem above the middle person is a Q standing for Q’s restraurant and the sign just to the left says Hillside Rocks and you can see autumn baskets and pumpkin on the shelves so this suggests the pictures was taken in the fall.  Also the emblem on two of the shirts says “First Marine Div, Chicago Chapter, U.S.M.C

The next two pictures are from a recent fun wedding on a farm.  I like these two pictures because they highlight the requirement on the photographer to capture not only the broad/expansive pictures but also the exquisite detail that has gone into the planning of a wedding.  


Nothing like shooting 15 guys walking up a country road to the wedding to drive home the importance of knowing your camera and getting the shot.  This opportunity probably lasted less than 10 seconds or so.  Had to get it right the first time!


I have talked about the advantage of a second photographer for weddings, mostly within the context of getting two different perspectives of events simultaneously.  In the picture above and below are examples of the advantage of a second photographer to simply enrich the photographic record of your day.  In the picture above, I took advantage of the flower decorations on the fence to highlight the beauty of their rings.  The lighting for this was created by using my SB900 on my camera as a master with a slave SB900 immediately above the rings, giving a nice sparkle.  One advantage of a good second photographer is they can devote a couple of minutes on getting these kinds of pictures while the first photographer can focus on the bride and groom. 


This is another recent favorite picture.   The bridal party was waiting for the first photographer to set up when I turned to take this picture.  I like it because of the very relaxed feel of the subjects and the dimensionality.  This was a very brief opportunity created by a brief break in the shooting by the first photographer.  


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