A moment in time, once passed, is gone. 

That moment, captured in a photograph, lasts many life times.

bridal party.jpgwedding.jpgindian wedding.jpgbusiness portrait.jpgchild portrait.jpgwedding reception.jpgchild portrait.jpgwedding party.jpghappy bride.jpgfamily portrait.jpgwedding cake.jpgwedding ceremony.jpgbusiness portrait 2.jpgwedding rings and flowers.jpgwedding table.jpggroom party.jpghappy bride 2.jpgbeautiful bride.jpgwedding detail.jpgbride and groom.jpgbeautiful bride 2.jpgbeautiful bride 3.jpgfamily portrait 3.jpgfamily portrait 4.jpgbusiness portrait 3.jpgbride and groom 3.jpghappy bride 3.jpgengagement.jpgthe kiss.jpgwedding ceremony.jpg
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