Two photographers for weddings

There are many reasons why I typically shoot a wedding with two photographers, but the most significant of the reasons is the quality and diversity of the pictures that can be given to the bride and groom following their special day.  Hopefully, their day will be a once in a life time experience and photography is the best way to capture the emotions and happiness.  Below are two pictures taken less than 5 seconds apart: one by myself and the other by 


Mark Meravy, a photographer I work with pretty frequently.  Working together and coordinating our efforts, we are able to provide the couple with two different views of the same events in a way that a single photographer will never be able to achieve.   From these two different views you get a different feeling.  One an intimate moment between the bride and groom while at the same time a bit of story telling of a happy couple in an urban park with the bridesmaids looking near a fountain.  And if you had not noticed, the person on the far right of the bottom picture is not the other photographer!

At the same time it is far less likely that some critical event or emotion will be missed.   It is e2Photography's committment to this high level of quality that pushes toward the use of two photographers.  

Now I know you don't want your day to feel like a paparazzi experience, so we work hard at being as transparent as possible and when necessary gently impose to capture the more formal moments that you request.

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